Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My 360 Waves Story

                                                                My Story
What's good everybody. My name is Taylor Porter and I'm here to all you guy's get 360 waves.
Now I started my wave journey around February of 2012. When I first started out I used a Brush, Durag, Motions Hair Lotion (Moisturizer), and 360 Style Pomade. As I went on and got older I became more knowledgeable about different methods and products etc. So I started on Youtube I found 2 people I liked
BrickBandits09 and 1109jr ( Sir Cruse). I learned a lot from them and used some of there information to create my own 360 wave method. watch my series of helpful tools achieve deep, connect, and dippin waves.                        

                                                           Morning Method
When I wake up in the morning what I do is take off my Durag. Then I put a little water in my hair and brush, brush, brush. That's the key to getting waves. Then I put in my moisturizers Hollywood Beauty Carrot Creme' ( get it a Walgreens 3 $). Then I either put my Durag back on  or just leave out the house and go about my business.

                                                           Night Method
Now for the night method i don't really do anything  I just comb my hair with the grain( the way u brush). Then I dampen my hair with some hot water and brush it down with a hard brush u can do it with a medium if u prefer. Then apply any moisturizer that you use. I use Hollywood Beauty Carrot Creme'. Then lay it down with a soft brush and durag it.

                                                          Just a Lil' Wave Info
I will start off saying do not, i repeat do not use pomade. Pomade is a hair dressing grease made to hold your hair. It's used for Mohawks, 360 Waves, Pompadours, etc. But anyway it's really bad for your hair when you grow up in about 10 yrs. your hair will start to fall out if you continue yo use it. Some people ask me "how do I better my waves ?" What u have to do is just Wolf your hair out. Wolfing is growing your hair out for an extended period of time to better your connection, depth, and overall look. No one can tell you how long to Wolf some people wolf for 22 weeks( white people). But I wolf for at least 7 weeks. The longer  you wolf the better because the more hair you have the more curls you get and when you get that curl you can lay it down and Boom! you've got a wave.

                                                                Wave Definitions
Pomade-  Pomade is a hair dressing grease made to hold your hair down in a certain style you desire.

Moisturizer- A moisturizers can be a liquid or cream that gives your hair moisture to prevent dryness that leads to dandruff and hair breakage.

DuRag- A styling cap that hold your hair in place while sleeping or active activities

Wolfing- Growing your hair out for an extended period of time in between haircuts while still do the process to achieve waves.

                                                                   How to Wolf

Wolfing- Growing your hair out for an extended period of time in between haircuts while still do the process to achieve waves

When your wolfing you should constantly be brushing, combing, and getting line-ups every other week depending on how fast your hair grows. You have to wolf your waves if you don't your connection might not be as on point as someone else who does wolf. Wolfing also helps your depth the deeper your waves the more visible they are. After you wolf you want go to the barber and get a 1 1/2 or a 2 WTG only go ATG if your waves are really deep and trained. My waves are trained so i can get my hair cut against the grain. So yeah that's Wolfing.

                                                          My New Products

Well since my first post i have gotten some new products

Wavebuilder Spin'n Waves: a wave cream that makes waves and holds your hair

Wavebuilder Wave Puddin: a wave holding conditioner but does STINK

100 % Coconut Oil: Great for shine

Crown Quality Brush: best brush